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Manage unlimited brands with unlimited scheduling, approvals and storage for just $20 per user.
Pay only for the members on your team and clients who will approve content.

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How many clients will approve content?

You'll pay $40 for collaborating with 2 users.
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“GAIN makes our job easier, clients have a clearer view of how the final content will look before we upload it, it adds structure and organization to the way we manage approvals.”
“I think the main benefit of using GAIN is having your assets consolidated in one place. Being able to track revisions and changes in one place is extremely helpful in a busy agency environment.”
“GAIN helps us keep all of our content calendars organized in one place where we can track feedback and approvals from our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is considered a User?

A user is anyone who needs access to GAIN. This includes any internal team members that need to create, manage, or approve content as well as any client or stakeholder that requires access to approve.

How many social channels can I manage with GAIN?

Unlimited. You can manage all of your clients’ social networks and marketing content. You only pay for users who need access to GAIN. No surprises.

Do you offer packages?

At GAIN we want to keep things simple for you and your team. This means that instead of complicating our pricing with user/profiles/storage packages, we have a simple and fair per-user pricing. You get all the features, unlimited storage, unlimited usage and only pay for those who need to access GAIN. No frustrating price bumps when your needs change.

Can I change the number of users at any point during my subscription?

Yes, absolutely! We want to help you grow your business. You are free to add or remove team members and clients as your needs change. You only pay for the time that they are used so you can be certain that you are are getting the most out of GAIN.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! At GAIN we never hold you to a long term contract (unless you prefer as part of our Enterprise plans). This means that you can reach out to us if you need to cancel. We really hope that you never do.

Do you offer volume discounts?

Yes. If you are a larger organization or Enterprise we offer options to help lower overall cost and provide you with quick implementation. Reach out to our team to schedule a call or demo right now and learn more about how GAIN will improve your content workflow!

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