Bootstrapped, lean, and customer-funded.

Funded by our customers, not VCs.

The letter G formed by productivity icons like calendars, emails, and chat bubbles

Our founders bootstrapped this company and made it lean and profitable. We grow thanks to the love we get from our users, not because of venture capital money. What else can we say? We like having control over our own destiny and our users like our stability.

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We are 47... in dog years!

A photo of Gain co-founders, Albizu Garcia and Rafael Torres

Our co-founders, Albizu Garcia and Rafael Torres, created Gain in 2014. Having previously worked with ad agencies, they knew first-hand the horrible pain that managing content was in those days, and they set out to find a better way. The rest is history. The Gain team, for one, is so glad that their friendship, which began in the early days of the Puerto Rican blogosphere, has come so far!

We are all over the place.

A screenshot of the Gain team members on a video call.

Gain is powered by really lovely people in the U.S., Puerto Rico, Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Spain, Nigeria and Bolivia. We were actually a remote team way before it was cool. We have different time zones, different holidays, and different seasons – which means we don't all get our Summer Fridays off at the same time – but we make it work!

Our mission is to simplify approval workflows for everyone.

Illustration of three people, chatting happily while paper planes come and go around them.

We won't stop until everyone who has to share stuff with stakeholders for approval is no longer feeling the pain!

You won't know how great it is until you try it.