Bring the power of Gain to your desktop


Available for Windows and MacOS

Laptop display showing Gain icon in desktop, next to other folder and application icons

Focus on work

Illustration of a crosshair reticle centered on an arrow pointing up

Open the Gain desktop app when it's time to work, close it when you're done. Don't get distracted by open browser tabs. No browser, no distractions!

Never miss a notification

Illustration of a desktop notification with the Gain icon

Your Gain notifications won't be lost among all your other emails, or hidden among 15 other browser tabs. When it's your turn to respond, you'll know right away on your desktop.

The same experience, faster

Illustration of Gain in a web browser and Gain in a desktop app

The Gain desktop app looks and works just like in your browser. But because it's separate from your browser, all those other open tabs won't slow it down.

Click to download and install Gain on your desktop

Available for Windows and MacOS

You won't know how great it is until you try it.