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Creating, uploading and importing

Round up all your marketing content.

Create social media content, upload assets in its native format, or import them from the tools you already use. Here's where your social media and the rest of your marketing content come together.
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Create, schedule, and publish social media content.

Create, schedule, and publish your social media content in the same platform you use to send all your marketing assets for review and approval. This is how you get every team that's creating content for a brand in the same tool and workflow.

Social Media Features

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Beautiful Previews

The Gain post creator includes a dynamic preview so you can see your posts exactly how they'll look on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Google Business Profile as you create them.

Image Editor

Uploaded a pic with the wrong aspect ratio? Easy fix. Gain has a built-in image editor with cropping presets for each social network, plus filters and other nifty image tools.

Quick Duplicate

Create a post, send it for review and approval, and once approved, you can simply duplicate it to publish it in the other social networks.

Smart Recycle

Reuse your best performing social content. The Recycle feature automatically reschedules and publishes the content you choose within a date range you specify.

No Fuss Scheduling

Schedule content weeks or months in advance. Once content is approved, Gain automatically schedules and publishes it.

Easy Auto-Publish

Auto-publish to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Business Profile. YouTube, Pinterest and TikTok coming soon!

Content Calendar

View a month's worth of content at a glance, drag and drop to reschedule, filter by status, social network or asset type, and label important dates.

Role-Specific Permissions

Control what every team member and approver can see or do in all your different workspaces.


See engagement metrics for your social media posts and optimize, plan, and recycle your best performers.

Gain Notify App

The Gain Notify mobile app makes it quicker and easier to publish posts manually.

Instagram Features

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Instagram Post Formats

Create and collaborate on Instagram Stories, Reels, Carousel, photo and video posts in Gain.

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Direct Publishing to Instagram

Schedule and auto-publish photo, Carousel, video posts, and Reels. Other formats can be easily published manually with the Gain Notify mobile app.

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Instagram First Comment

Add the first comment to all your Instagram posts and send them to approval in Gain. And if the publishing mode for the post is direct, the first comment will be published automatically.

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Instagram Grid

Plan your Instagram feed with Gain's grid preview. Rearrange your posts to maintain a cohesive aesthetic in your Instagram profile.

Facebook Features

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Facebook Post Formats

Create and collaborate on Facebook photo, video, status, carousel posts and Stories. Use the Gain Notify App to publish Stories manually in a quicker way.

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Facebook Ad Mockups

Create mockups of your Facebook ads in Gain so you can send them to approval together with the organic Facebook posts.

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Facebook Targeting

Target specific audiencies for your Facebook posts when creating them in Gain, just like you would on Facebook.

LinkedIn Features

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LinkedIn Post Formats

Create and collaborate on photo, video, and status posts for LinkedIn. Schedule and publish automatically to both Company Pages and Personal Pages.

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LinkedIn Targeting

Target your posts to specific audiences on your LinkedIn Company Pages, just like you would on LinkedIn.

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LinkedIn Mentions

Mention Company Pages in all your LinkedIn posts, no matter the format.

Twitter Features

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Twitter Post Formats

Create and collaborate on photo, video, animated GIF, and status posts for Twitter. Schedule and publish automatically.

TikTok Features

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TikTok Videos

Upload all your TikTok videos, schedule, and send them to approval to Gain. Use the Gain Notify mobile app to publish.

Google Business Profile Features

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Profile Updates

Create, send for approval, and auto-publish photo and status updates to Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business).

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Upload files in any format. Today, everything's compatible.

Gain supports the most common file types used for marketing content so you can upload them in the format they were created. From Photoshop files to PDFs with your brand guidelines, to Word documents or Power Point files with creative briefs and client presentations.

Use Cases and File Type Formats

Creative Assets

Share brand guidelines, logos, illustrations, onboarding guides, storyboards, ebooks, brochures, or out-of-home ads.

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, PDF

Here are some ideas: photos, animations, print ads, mockups, ad layouts, thumbnails, scanned assets, and casting photos.


Get all your video content approved in one place: video ads, casting videos, event videos, influencer videos, micro-content, you get the picture.

MP4, MOV, Windows Media Player, Flash, Quicktime, AVI, DV, Google Video, Real Video, 3G Mobile Video

Share creative presentations, new business pitches, workshops, and proposals with clients or stakeholders to keep track of their comments and approvals in one place.

Power Point, Keynote, Google Slides
Text Documents

Got words? Bring to Gain your ad copy, copy points, scripts, press releases, blog posts, campaign strategies, messaging guidelines, newsletters, etc... You can even send production estimates for approval!

Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Pages, PDF, Rich Text Files, Plain Text Files

Upload media plans, campaign results, schedules, project calendars, search ad copy, or SEO keywords so any team member or stakeholder can access them at any time.

Microsoft Excel, Numbers, Google Sheets
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Import assets from the tools you and your team already use.

Different marketing and creative teams work with different tools. No sweat. All their work can be sent or brought directly to Gain for review, feedback, and approvals.

Use Cases and File Type Formats


Send your designs straight to Gain without leaving Canva, with the Gain app in the Canva app store. Learn more >>

Google Drive

Import Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides to Gain to have the history of comments and approvals together with the rest of your marketing assets.


Import your team's or your clients' Dropbox files to Gain for easy collaboration, reviews and approval tracking.


Are you a Box user? You can easily import your files in Box to Gain for proofing and approvals.


Import stuff from OneDrive to Gain for easy access for your team and stakeholders.

See more Gain features!

Gain makes every step of your marketing workflow faster and easier.
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Content Management Features
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Collaboration Features
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Approval Features
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Get anything and everything approved in Gain.

Gain was designed to support all the file and content formats that marketing, social media, and creative teams already use.
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Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat, Word, Excel, Power Point, video, and image icons
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© 2023. Gain is a product of Big Propeller, LLC.
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Capterra Best Value 2022 BadgeCapterra Best Ease of Use 2022 BadgeSoftwareAdvice Best Customer Support 2022 BadgeSoftwareAdvice Most Recommended 2022 Badge
© 2023. Gain is a product of Big Propeller, LLC.