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Better collaboration for marketing teams.

From social media managers and ad creatives to account teams, brand people, clients, and legal teams. With Gain, everyone in the marketing workflow can be in the loop.
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Gain connects all marketing roles and teams.

With everyone working in the same place, social media and advertising creatives can share assets and content. Team members can assign tasks. Account managers can track everyone's progress. Finally, everyone that's working for a brand can be on the same page.

Collaboration Features


Mention team members in specific content items in real time. Interacting in context promotes accountability and eliminates miscommunications.


Assign tasks to team members to make sure they know what to work on. They'll get notified and have their own list of pending tasks to complete.


Easily make annotations over files or artwork to make feedback and change requests clear and precise from the get-go.

Follow Content

Follow specific content items or workspaces and Gain will notify you when changes are made, when feedback is received, and when content is approved and published.

Activity and Approval Tracker

Get detailed logs of all the activity that happens in each content item, including changes, comments, and approvals, with names and timestamps. Compliance teams everywhere, rejoice!

Role-Specific Permissions

Assign appropriate roles for team members, such as publishers, contributors or approvers. They can only see or do what they're meant to.

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Gain makes every step of your marketing workflow faster and easier.
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Creating, Uploading and Importing Features
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Content Management Features
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Approval Features
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Get anything and everything approved in Gain.

Gain was designed to support all the file and content formats that marketing, social media, and creative teams already use.
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The Gain staff was very helpful and knowledgeable during our account setup. I also feel heard when we've had suggestions, so I would recommend them.
Sarah P. | C & D Advertising
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Trusted by marketing teams in 51 countries.

You won't know how great it is until you try it.

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© 2022. Gain is a product of Big Propeller, LLC.
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© 2022. Gain is a product of Big Propeller, LLC.