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Approvals are a pain. Gain fixes that.

Say good-bye to all the craziness that takes up so much of your time and leads to costly mistakes. Gain gathers feedback and approvals and keeps track of who said what, while you get some real work done.
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Approvals don't have to take all of your time.

With automated approvals workflows, Gain makes the tedious tasks of sending content, following up for feedback, and managing change requests happen without you. This means less mistakes and more time for meaningful work.

Approval Features

Flexible Approval Workflows

Add as many rounds and as many people as you want. Content moves automatically to the next person for review, revisions or approval.

Magic Approver Login

Approvers access their content securely from their email in any device. They don't even need a password!

One-Click Approvals

An intuitive interface makes it super easy for approvers to request changes or approve with one click.


Approvers can make annotations over content to make their feedback clear and precise. No more misunderstandings!

Dynamic Previews

Beautiful previews show approvers exactly what their content will look like when published.

Private Approval Queues

Each client or stakeholder has their own approval queue that consolidates all the marketing and social media assets that need their approval.

Content Calendar

Approvers can access their pending and approved content at any time and view it in a calendar, without having to bother you.

Role-Specific Permissions

Customize a stakeholder's permissions so they see only what you want them to see. Give them as much or as little access as you want.

Automatic Approval Reminders

Gain automatically sends friendly reminders to your stakeholders when they owe you feedback or approval.

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Gain makes every step of your marketing workflow faster and easier.
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Content Management Features
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Collaboration Features
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Get anything and everything approved in Gain.

Gain was designed to support all the file and content formats that marketing, social media, and creative teams already use.
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Approvers everywhere agree: Gain is awesome!

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The Gain staff was very helpful and knowledgeable during our account setup. I also feel heard when we've had suggestions, so I would recommend them.
Sarah P. | C & D Advertising
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Trusted by marketing teams in 51 countries.

You won't know how great it is until you try it.

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© 2022. Gain is a product of Big Propeller, LLC.