Why Marketing Teams 💜 Gain

Simplify Content Approvals With Your Team and Clients

Create custom Approval Workflows for your team and clients.

  • Decide who approves content first, last, and everywhere in between
  • Add as many approval rounds, team members, and clients as you need
  • Send content automatically to the next person for review
  • Schedule and publish content automatically once approved
  • Send clients automatic reminders when they have content to review
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“Gain automates so much manual work and saves us so much time!”
Thomas C. | Social Chain

Set Permissions and Enjoy a Better Content Approval Process

Anyone who needs to sign off on your work will receive the content when it’s their turn.

  • No special logins or passwords
  • Approve or leave feedback on any device
  • See all content ready for feedback and approval on one page
  • Approve content or leave revisions on individual posts with one tap
  • Add as many clients or content approvers as you need
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"Recently set it up for one of our clients and the feedback from them was amazing. Their exact words were "really informative and visual tool to use". Good work team."
Rob S. | Brand Solutions

Keep Content Fully-Compliant and Error-Free

Ensure your brands and clients receive high-quality, error-free content.

  • Assign team members different levels of permission based on their roles
  • Keep a permanent record of all feedback
  • Never worry about unapproved copy or typos slipping through the cracks
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"The system is very easy to use and works well to document approvals for firm compliance as we are in the financial industry. It is also a great value for the service!"
Mary M.L. | Porter, White & Company

Post and Schedule Across Social Media Accounts

Gain supports all of your social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

  • NEW: Direct publishing to Instagram via Buffer! 🎉
  • Connect as many social media accounts as you need
  • Create, preview, approve, schedule (up to six months in advance), and publish all in one place
  • See how posts will look before they go live
  • Keep posts separate, organized, and easy to find
  • No limits on how many posts you can schedule
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“My favorite tool. Clean UI, regular upgrades. I have to manage a lot of clients and social profiles so Gain is THE tool for me. Thanks for the good job.”
Arnaud N. | atelier909

Access and Review Documents & Files

Access, review, and approve other marketing or content files.

  • Connect Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, Box, and more
  • Upload blog posts, presentations, media kits, and more
  • Upload full-length videos in most common formats
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"Our team and our clients love Gain. It makes it so easy to look at everything in a more big picture way as well as getting down in the details for each post. We love it!"
Catherine T. | Get Community

Organize your Content Calendars

Manage content for one client or fifty; every brand has its own content calendar. Share it with the appropriate team members so they can see the status of everything and know what’s going on.

  • View your work at a glance
  • Keep campaigns organized
  • Label important dates or events
  • Drag-and-drop to organize or reschedule
  • Use content tags to keep certain things together
  • Keep internal work private and show clients just the content they need to see
  • Filter just what you need to see (all drafts, all live content, posts for a specific social channel, etc.)
  • Turn filters on or off to remove content from your view temporarily
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"I love how I can visually map out my month. Customer service is excellent."
Pamela B. | WTS International

Build Pixel-Perfect Post Previews

  • NEW:  Preview and collaborate on Instagram Stories 🎉
  • Build content by adding links and media (images, video, GIFs, etc.) in one place
  • See and show your clients exactly how social posts will look before they go live
  • Edit, crop, or add filters to images with Gain’s built-in image editor
  • Desktop and mobile previews
  • Carousel and multi-image post previews
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"Workflows are easy and the content previews are better than other apps I've worked in before. Thanks!"
Olivia W. | Frankel Media Group

Work Efficiently by @Mentioning and Assigning Tasks to Team Members

  • Tag team members to discuss content in real time
  • Keep a full history of your content, conversations, and every action taken
  • Keep everyone organized and on the same page
  • Distribute the workload by assigning tasks to people
  • Track your tasks and those of your team members and mark when complete

Reuse Stellar Content by Recycling or Duplicating

  • Reuse content that performed well in the past by recycling and scheduling it for the future
  • Select multiple posts at a time to recycle
  • Duplicate any content to any other social channel
  • Save time by sharing content to multiple channels at once
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“Gain is extremely easy to use and saves so much time that I get double the work done.”
Rebecca E. | SmartTouch Interactive

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