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Marketing agencies all over the world prefer Gain.

All these teams have streamlined their social media workflow and their client approvals with Gain. They now spend less time following up, and more time growing the business. Check out their reviews!

4.7 of 5 at

“Best CMS we've seen for content creation and approval processes with many layers of usability.”

Kelly B. | Owner

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“Excellent for managing the approval status of all types of content, and bouncing content back and forth between client and agency.”

Jameson P. | PR Manager

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“Highly recommend for all businesses and marketing teams. I've transferred jobs twice and made sure Gain was one of the first software we included in our marketing plan.”

Krystal B. | Marketing Manager

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“Gain is the EASIEST software for developing and editing content, getting many layers of approvals, and posting.”

Ashleigh F. | Director of Account Services

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“My time is mine again to do with what I like. Whether it be a vacation or just a day, I can schedule my work to be posted, and trust that Gain will do the job right.”

Pam E. | Owner/Operator

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“Love using Gain - it has streamlined my workflow immensely over the past three years. Highly recommended.”

Ali S. | Founder

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"Approval rounds are the most important, and that's what sets Gain apart in the industry."

Tamara G. | Senior Manager

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“If you need to secure multiple layers of approval before posting to your social channels, Gain could be a great fit for you.”

Verified Reviewer | Marketing & Advertising

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"Makes our life SO easy managing several accounts and dozens of social media pages!"

Kelly B. | Get Community Inc

"Gain makes client approvals extremely efficient. Their support team is always very helpful and quick to answer my questions."

Rachel S. | Frankel Media Group

“Gain has completely changed the way I do my job - in the best possible way.”

Verified Reviewer | Food & Beverages

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"It makes my life easier!"

Patricia M. | Darwin Zone

“User friendly, easy to navigate, and visually appealing.”

Lena K. | Account Director

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"Gain is easy and intuitive. I love the calendar aspect, which makes scheduling posts so much easier!"

Erica S. | Postight

“Excellent workflow for social media management.”

Dina E. | Communications & Development Officer

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"Super user friendly and helpful!"

Rita K. | Valpak of Metro Phoenix

“Gain is easy to use and easy to connect to channels.”

Verified Reviewer | Health, Wellness, & Fitness

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"Extremely user-friendly and previews all the content."

Elspeth B. | Paradigm

"This has been a great app with the sole purpose of scheduling and having my clients approve their posts! It's aesthetically pleasing as well."

Kate J. | Katapult Marketing

"The tool is intuitive and easy to use."

Jose A. | Digital GBBDO

"Great platform - easy to use and very intuitive."

Shannon O. | UT Health San Antonio

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"Easy to use and very streamlined!"

Mack C. | Gift Shed

“It's easy to use, has lots of good tools for agencies, and is far better than other similar products.”

Verified Reviewer | Marketing & Advertising

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"It's helpful and efficient vs. manually posting everything. And, it's very easy to use and navigate."

Cate H. | Barcelona Creative Group

"The approval process is a killer feature."

Rolando Z. | NOCNOK

"Super easy to use, great layout, and works well."

Joshua C. | First Baptist Lafayette

“Keeps our team and workflow streamlined!”

London G. | Digital Director

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"The service is extremely helpful in keeping track of multiple platforms for multiple clients and being able to keep it in one place. Plus, whenever we've had a question, we've received a helpful and prompt response."

Katy R. | Keychain Social

"Great for organizing and sharing with others."

Eva B. | Market One Media Group

“I started off using basic excel sheets to organize my month, and then we jumped to using Gain, which completely helped in managing our social media accounts.”

Emma P. | Marketing Assistant

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"Clean process, optimized approvals, and organized workflow."

Juan O. | Premium Brands

"It makes it SO easy to view, develop, and approve content."

Vicki F. | Calibrate

"Super easy to use and love the approval process. Thank you!"

Victoria P. | Dapper Boi, Inc.

“Simply the easiest, most intuitive software around for social media managers.”

Jess R. | Owner Manager

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"Workflows are easy, and the content previews are better than other apps I've worked in before. Thanks!"

Olivia W. | Frankel Media Group

"Very easy, efficient, and effective."

Ashleigh F. | Frankel Media Group

"Everything is organized, and the process of posting is streamlined!"

Miriam S. | Bianca Balti Maternity Inc.

“The best solution for social media content review!”

Rolando Z. | UX & Marketing Director

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"The system is very easy to use and works well to document approvals for firm compliance as we are in the financial industry. It is also a great value for the service!"

Mary M.L. | Porter, White & Company

"Great app."

Carlos F. | Digital Squad LLC

“I really like the ease of scheduling posts and being able to duplicate them across various channels in Gain.”

Verified Reviewer | Marketing & Advertising

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"Fantastic and prompt service. All staff are very approachable and supportive. It's a pleasure to work with the team."

Heike F. | Flourish PR

“I love the calendar view and ability to sort by platform.”

Tela K. | President

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"Client friendly and publishing posts is user-friendly."

Bojana D. | Idea Workshop

"So easy to use."

Jennifer R. | South of Park Media Designs and Management

"It makes my life a lot easier! I hated all the emails and excels or powerpoints. Now I'm HAPPY! :)"

Patricia M. | Komunika Latam

"All content is presented in one place. I like that I can add comments or questions to any content I approve."

Robin S. | The DeBruce Foundation

"Approving content with Gain is quick and easy. I can request changes and see updates fast."

Colleen E. | Get Community Inc

"My favorite thing about Gain is the ability to collaborate with my coworkers in an efficient and organized manner."

Héctor S. | Universidad de Puerto Rico

"It's super user friendly, their Customer Service team is always available and eager to answer any question or help with any inquiry. I really like the way Gain works."

Pablo A. | Duarte Pino

"Intuitive design."

Jordan O. | iQ 360

"Looove it!!! Completely seamless and easy to use."

Devyn H. | Get Community Inc

“The customer support Gain provides is outstanding.”

Trish D. | BC Snowmobile Federation

"My favorite features are the easy approval and editing process."


"Gain makes it incredibly easy to streamline social media! I basically create one piece of content per day, then duplicate it and optimize it for each platform. A month of content planning takes only a few hours. I won't use anything but Gain moving forward!"

Katherine P. | BriteBee

"Easy to use for my team!"

Matt S. | Progress Iowa

"Easy to use for my clients."

B.W. | Burnt Waffle Marketing

"Flow, approval process, customization, and social post previews are on point. Customer service is outstanding."

Zach I. | AltaMed Foundation

"I love it for our clients as it's very visual and intuitive. It's great for clients to be able to see how their posts will look on Facebook."

Jacki K. | Dental Web Strategies

“I have had nothing but positive things with Gain.”

Lyssa W. | Founder

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"Completely user friendly, and great approval features for clients to approve content prior to posting."

Dave L. | AltaMed Foundation

"I've tested every social media management platform out there: Sendible, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc.,.. and Gain is the absolute only platform that is designed around client approval and team integration. From crafting content, to duplicating, sending, or requesting approvals, Gain is the only system that is designed intuitively around both the client and agency perspective."

Jaclyn F. | Yellow Door Digital

"Gain has allowed me to save time and increase efficiency and productivity.”

Soraya H. | Social Media Specialist

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"Recently set it up for one of our clients, and the feedback from them was amazing. Their exact words were ‘really informative and visual tool to use’. Good work, team."

Rob S. | Brand Solutions

“It streamlines our agency's process, and as a result, less time is spent on admin work and more time on actual content creation.”

Michelle R. | Strategist/Social Media Department Lead

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"Gain has helped us streamline our communications and revolutionized the way we use social media. As a small community organization working with a vulnerable population, it's so important that we stay on message - and Gain has helped us immensely in doing that!"

Dina E. | Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW

"Easy to use. Great support."

Debbie W. | City of Lafayette

“The calendar makes planning a month of content easy, and the approval process is seamless.”

Michael K. | Digital Marketing Associate

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"The main reason we chose Gain was the approval process. Customer service is a huge deal as well."

Victoria S. | Sight & Sound Productions

“Gain flawlessly organizes my content for several clients.”

Verified Reviewer | Marketing & Advertising

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"Gain is extremely easy to use and saves so much time that I get double the work done."

Rebecca E. | SmartTouch Interactive

"Very easy and efficient."

Emily B. | Green Clock Films

“It’s easy to use for writing content and sending it through different channels of approval.”

Chesleigh S. | Digital Coordinator

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"So user-friendly. I don't know what I'd do without it."

Arianne W. | Peter Mayer

“Overall, the calendar workflow becomes much more crystal clear to every team member, and the approval process is a breeze thanks to Gain.”

Verified Reviewer | Marketing & Advertising

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"I LOVE the customer service that Gain has - so quick and friendly. And, I love the structure of it."

Matisse Y. | Machobear Studios Inc.

“It’s nice and easy to use, and it’s good to have for everyday help.”

Richard B. | Manager

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"Gain is the most intuitive social scheduling tool I have used. As an agency owner and former freelancer I have used a crap-load of them. The client approval process is easy and perfect for my clients that don't want to bother with too much tech hassle."

Danielle S. | GS*D Professional Services

"We love the product… I don’t know how to do my job without Gain. We love that you're constantly making changes and looking for ways to improve."

Phillip S. | Think Idea Studio

"I love Gain! Best way to visualize a social media calendar."

Logan L. | Peter Mayer

"Deborah and Paula are all star greats in customer service! Thank you!"

Rico L. | RHL Interactive, LLC

"It is easy – complete, and the support is on point."

Yasmeen N. | Alexa Fay

"Easy to use, affordable and great customer service. I couldn't run my agency without it."

Molly P. | Sparo

"We love the collaboration Gain facilitates with our team and our clients. Thank you for always being on the forefront of technology and listening to us (your clients)!"

Sarah P. | C & D Advertising

“It’s so easy to coordinate the posts with the team.”

Ricardo G. | Social Media

"Favorite thing: The service. Always trying to improve, always ready to help."

A.C. | CAST Digital Studio

"Customer service has always been excellent. Super easy to use for our agency and our clients."

Abbie G. | SoMe Connect

"We love using Gain because it allows our entire team to stay organized and work efficiently on shared tasks across a variety of platforms. It has been a total game changer!"

Lizzy S. | Pravan Health

“Gain is a great social media tool to organize your efforts and have a clear overview of them.”

Trycia de Karla T. | Company Founder

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"I'm a community manager, and it helps me so much to schedule and publish posts!!!"

Fatima H. | Starbucks

“Great platform. I’m not sure what our agency would do without them.”

Hasnain R. | VP Digital Marketing

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"The Gain staff was very helpful and knowledgeable during our account setup. I also feel heard when we've had suggestions, so I would recommend them."

Sarah P. | C & D Advertising

“I absolutely love that I can create a content calendar that clients can see and approve with ease.”

Verified Reviewer | Online Media

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"It has been unbelievably helpful for our agency due to our large mass of clientele. We have zero complaints and would recommend this service to others."

J.R. | Socially Present

"Like reviewing the content and images together."

Patricia A. | Urbana Creative

"Simplifies everything."

Tatiana F. | Datagran

“The platform is easy to navigate, and the scheduling tool has always delivered for us.”

Vanessa P. | Director

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"Gain is fantastic - it saves time and ensures alignment."

Beth S. | Found Knowledge

“I like the easy access and that it is so user friendly.”

Kelsey V. | Social Media Manager

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"Gain makes my job (social media manager) easier. Clients can approve and see what content is going out ahead of time, and I can have everything auto post."

Lyssa W. | Lensational Lyssa

"Easy to use and love the preview feature."

Gary O. | UT Health San Antonio

“I like how easy it is to see the whole content calendar at one time.”

Michelle W. | Designer

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"Clients love the magic log in to approve posts, and it’s user-friendly."

F.M. | Flambo Media

"It's the best tool for content approval and scheduling that I've ever used. My team and my clients are very happy for using the tool."

Fernanda C. | Darwin Zone

“Overall, great experience. Very valuable and saves us time.”

Verified Reviewer | Marketing & Advertising

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"Carousel posts and team member commenting have to be my top favourites! and, of course, the newly introduced auto-publishing has been a lifesaver. - Thank you, Gain!"

Anne G. | Machobear Studios Inc.

“Gain solved a major need for our firm in a cost-effective way.”

Mary L. | Vice President

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"Love this app, and it’s extremely useful to help streamline business social media posting."

Katie R. | Rise Shine Creative

“It's easy to use and contains the info that's needed, as well as the directions on each section for the person gathering data.”

Nadya K. | User/Clinician

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"I love how I can visually map out my month. Customer service is excellent."

Pamela B. | WTS International

"I like that I can schedule ahead, send for approval to everybody and receive notifications when I need to publish something."

Sofia C. | JMD Digital

"I love how clear it is to see the content, copy, and which platform it will be published on."

Dan C. | O.L.

"Gain is easy to access and the visuals of the proposed assets are clear."

K.S. | P.C.

“My favorite tool. Clean UI, regular upgrades. I have to manage a lot of clients and social profiles so Gain is THE tool for me. Thanks for the good job.”

Arnaud N. | atelier909

"Easy to move posts around within the month, make duplicates for our French channel and makes approvals simpler!"

Brookelynn I. | Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry

"It’s so easy to use!"

Jen M. | C & D Advertising

"Gain is very practical and useful – it makes tasks easier."

Victoria R. | MAJADMA SC

"My favorite feature is the interface that shows posts in their "native" format (a Facebook post looks like a Facebook post, which is reassuring for clients). I also like the tag feature and the ability to add labels... It's also terrific to be able to produce a PDF version of the posts."

Jacki K. | Dental Web Strategies

"The approval workflows work so much better than having to email people docs."

Olivia C. | StructureM

"We chose to try out Gain because it is ultra-simple & intuitive. Also, it does not require our client to log in to approve creatives. Absolutely the best approval workflow on the planet.”

Sean C. | Click Theory

You won't know how great it is until you try it.

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© 2022. Gain is a product of Big Propeller, LLC.
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© 2022. Gain is a product of Big Propeller, LLC.