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"Makes our life SO easy managing several accounts and dozens of social media pages!"
Kelly B. | Get Community Inc
"Gain makes client approvals extremely efficient. Their support team is always very helpful and quick to answer my questions."
Rachel S. | Frankel Media Group
"It makes my life easier!"
Patricia M. | Darwin Zone
"Gain is easy and intuitive. I love the calendar aspect which makes scheduling posts so much easier!"
Erica S. | Postight
"Extremely user-friendly and previews all the content."
Elspeth B. | Paradigm
"This has been a great app with the sole purpose of scheduling and having my clients approve their posts! It's aesthetically pleasing as well."
Kate J. | Katapult Marketing

Approval rounds are the most important and that's what sets Gain apart in the industry.

Tamara G. | Senior Manager
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"Easy to use and very streamline!"
Mack C. | Gift Shed
"It's helpful and efficient vs manually posting everything. It also has good tools to help you out and make life a bit easier. And, it's very easy to use and navigate."
Cate H. | Barcelona Creative Group
"The approval process is a killer feature."
Rolando Z. | NOCNOK
"Super easy to use, great layout and works well."
Joshua C. | First Baptist Lafayette
"The service is extremely helpful in keeping track of multiple platforms for multiple clients and being able to keep it in one place. Plus, whenever we've had a question, we've received a helpful and prompt response."
Katy R. | Keychain Social
"Great for organizing and sharing with others."
Eva B. | Market One Media Group
"Clean process, optimize approvals, organize workflow."
Juan O. | Premium Brands
"It makes it SO easy to view, develop and approve content. Would be a 10/10 if I could collaborate with another stakeholder at the same time."
Vicki F. | Calibrate
"Super easy to use and love the approval process. I wish that IG could be scheduled without the manual push, but I know that is an IG thing and not a Gain thing. Thank you!"
Victoria P. | Dapper Boi, Inc.
"Workflows are easy and the content previews are better than other apps I've worked in before. Thanks!"
Olivia W. | Frankel Media Group
"Very easy, efficient, and effective"
Ashleigh F. | Frankel Media Group
"Everything is organized and the process of posting is streamlined!"
Miriam S. | Bianca Balti Maternity Inc.
"The system is very easy to use and works well to document approvals for firm compliance as we are in the financial industry. It is also a great value for the service!"
Mary M.L. | Porter, White & Company
"Great app"
Carlos F. | Digital Squad LLC
"Fantastic and prompt service. All staff are very approachable and supportive. It's a pleasure to work with the team."
Heike F. | Flourish PR
"Client friendly and publishing posts is user-friendly."
Bojana D. | Idea Workshop
"Super user friendly and helpful!"
Rita K. | Valpak of Metro Phoenix
"Flow and approval process really hand and customization... social post previews are on point. Customer service is outstanding."
Zach I. | AltaMed Foundation
"Your platform is very easy to use. I love it for our clients as it's very visual and intuitive. It's great for clients to be able to see how their posts will look on Facebook. They don't have to rely on their imaginations. I also really appreciate the fantastic support provided by the Gain team. It's always fast, courteous and helpful. The future looks bright for Gain and we intend to continue using it :)"
Jacki K. | Dental Web Strategies
"Completely user friendly, great approval features for clients to approve content prior to posting."
Dave L. | AltaMed Foundation
"I manage social media for a few, picky clients. I've tested every social media management platform out there: Sendible, Buffer, Hootsuite, etc... and Gain is the absolute only platform that is designed around client approval and team integration. From crafting content, to duplicating, sending or requesting approvals, Gain is the only system that is designed intuitively around both the client and agency perspective."
Jaclyn F. | Yellow Door Digital
"Recently set it up for one of our clients and the feedback from them was amazing. Their exact words were "really informative and visual tool to use". Good work team."
Rob S. | Brand Solutions
"Gain has helped us streamline our communications and revolutionized the way we use social media. As a small community organization working with a vulnerable population, it's so important that we stay on message - and Gain has helped us immensely in doing that!"
Dina E. | Twenty10 inc GLCS NSW
"Easy to use. Great support"
Debbie W. | City of Lafayette
"Main reason we chose Gain was the approval process. Customer service is a huge deal as well. PS- Love the new look, good job."
Victoria S. | Sight & Sound Productions
"Gain is extremely easy to use and saves so much time that I get double the work done."
Rebecca E. | SmartTouch Interactive
"Very easy and efficient"
Emily B. | Green Clock Films
"So user-friendly. Don't know what I'd do without it"
Arianne W. | Peter Mayer
"I LOVE the customer service that Gain has - so quick, so friendly. And I love the structure of it. The only thing I would like are more features (which I know you guys are working on!)"
Matisse Y. | Machobear Studios Inc.
"The tool is intuitive and easy to use"
Jose A. | Digital GBBDO
"Great platform - easy to use and very intuitive."
Shannon O. | UT Health San Antonio
"I'm a community manager and it helps me so much to schedule posts and post them!!!"
Fatima H. | Starbucks
"I was new to content calendars, the Gain staff was very helpful and knowledgeable during our account setup. It was great to have that support and the ongoing support, which I've leaned on. I feel heard when we've had suggestions, so I would recommend..."
Sarah P. | C & D Advertising
"It has been unbelievably helpful for our agency due to our large mass of clientele. We have zero complaints and would recommend this service to others."
J R | Socially Present
"Like reviewing the content and images together."
Patricia A. | Urbana Creative
"Simplifies everything."
Tatiana F. | Datagran
"Gain is fantastic - it sames time and ensures alignment. My only complaint is it uses a script one of my big corporate clients won't allow for security reasons. But love it still."
Beth S. | Found Knowledge
"I love all of the features Gain has. It makes my job (social media manager) easier. Clients can approve and see what content is going out ahead of time, and I can have everything (except instagram) auto post."
Lyssa W. | Lensational Lyssa
"Easy to use and love the preview feature."
Gary O. | UT Health San Antonio
"Clients love the magic log in to approve posts and it’s user friendly."
F M. | Flambo Media
"It's the best tool for content approval and scheduling that I've ever used. My team and my clients are very happy for using the tool"
Fernanda C. | Darwin Zone
"Carousel posts and team member commenting have to be my top favourites! & of course the newly introduced auto-publishing has been a life saver - THANK YOU GAIN!"
Anne G. | Machobear Studios Inc.
"Love this app, extremely useful to help streamline business social media posting."
Katie R. | Rise Shine Creative
"I love how I can visually map out my month. Customer service is excellent."
Pamela B. | WTS International
"So easy to use"
Jennifer R. | Park Media Designs and Management

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