No More Spreadsheets.

GAIN makes the social publishing workflow easy for agencies, social media managers, and anyone working in teams.

Old way
Old way: spreadsheets
New way
New way: GAIN

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Manage & Approve all your Content with Ease.

Automated Workflow Automate your Workflow. Save Time and Money.

GAIN works like your very own traffic manager, notifying the right people at the right time, gathering feedback from clients and stakeholders, moving the process along for you until everything is approved.

  • Stakeholders can approve or request revisions
  • After approval, GAIN automatically schedules and publishes your content on the social networks

“GAIN has changed the way we run our social media business and streamlined the entire content process. It not only allows our internal team to work more efficiently together, but it provides our company with a much lower margin for error because of the client interface and approval process. GAIN has changed our lives!” Kelly Borgen — Owner at Get Community

As Simple or as Powerful as you Need.

Approval rounds and options
Approval rounds and options

Client Approvals Manage Client Approvals

No more emails or spreadsheets. GAIN is your system of record for client approvals. You'll save time and your clients will love it.

Internal Approvals Manage Internal Approvals

Approvals can be gathered from anyone, not just the client but inside your own agency or marketing team as well. GAIN is a full collaboration tool for your entire team.

Unlimited Approval Levels Unlimited Approval Rounds

Add as many approval levels as you need, with as many people as you need. GAIN automates everything for you.

Approval Types Different Approval Types

Specify approval rounds where all people must approve or where any single person is sufficient for approval. It's all about flexibility.

Workflow Automation Workflow Automation

GAIN can automatically move to the next approval round once the current round is approved. When everything is approved, GAIN can automatically schedule and publish your content to the social networks.

Approve Everything On The Go.

One click One-click Approvals

Clients simply click on a link on their email and they're ready to approve. No need to download an app or enter a password.

Email notification

Mobile-Optimized Mobile-optimized Approvals

The approvals interface looks great on any device so stakeholders can approve anywhere. This means faster turnaround times for you.

Approval on phone
Email notification

Collaborate on Your Content. See Who Did What.

User discussion

Content history Content History

Keep a full history of all your content and a permanent log of every approval, action and comment. Archived forever.

Content Notes Content Discussions

Share notes and feedback across the team and with the client. Go back at any time to see the history.

“I think the main benefit of using GAIN is having your assets consolidated in one place. Being able to track revisions and changes in one place is extremely helpful in a busy agency environment.” Luke Thompson — SKY TV

All features. Simple pricing.

GAIN is only

$20 per user per month
See how your team can save →

  • Unlimited Social Accounts
  • Unlimited Posts
  • Unlimited File, Image, and Video storage
  • Unlimited internal and external approval rounds
  • Unlimited Brands
  • Fanatical support

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GAIN helps large teams simplify their content workflow process.

  • All standard features +
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Extended Support
  • Onboarding and Training Services
  • and more Enterprise grade features