Finally, the Content Workflow Tool Your Team Will Love.

Make Your Content Workflow Work for Everyone.

GAIN is here to rescue you from content hell by automating your marketing team’s planning, approval, and publishing workflow.


Trusted by Thousands of Brands and Agencies in Over 70 Countries

GAIN works like your very own traffic manager.

What Company Doesn’t Like Saving Time and Money?

Think of GAIN as your very own automated traffic manager – notifying the right people at the right time, seamlessly gathering feedback from approvers, and moving the process along automatically until everything is published.

GAIN works like your very own traffic manager.

  • Stakeholders can approve or request revisions on the go without passwords.
  • After approval, GAIN automatically schedules and publishes your content on the social networks.
  • Executives, legal departments, and compliance officials can be easily integrated.

Expert Support When You Need it.

Our Enterprise Support Team is just a chat away directly from GAIN, so you never have to submit an email ticket. Ever again.

  • Personalized Onboarding Support to help your company get going in just a few hours.
  • Dedicated, ticket-less, and real-time support for your team and clients
  • Access to a dedicated account manager
  • Expedited phone support
GAIN enterprise compliance

GAIN is Built to Scale.

Unlike traditional enterprise solutions, GAIN’s flexible architecture uses modern technologies that allow our platform to scale with your company. Which is why brands and agencies with large teams in over 70 countries trust their content to GAIN.

  • Guaranteed availability with a Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Granular user-level permissions
  • Custom Integrations with our Private API

From Global Agencies to Fortune 500 Companies.

See how GAIN is helping teams around the world simplify their content workflow process.

“I really feel like our clients benefit the most - using GAIN provides them with transparency into the content we are creating for them, and an easy way for them to either approve or reject our posts.” Tamara Grominsky
“GAIN makes our job easier, clients have a clearer view of how the final content will look before we upload it, it adds structure and organization to the way we manage approvals.” Edmaris Carazo
“GAIN helps us keep all of our content calendars organized in one place where we can track feedback and approvals from our clients.Jessica Salado
“I think the main benefit of using GAIN is having your assets consolidated in one place. Being able to track revisions and changes in one place is extremely helpful in a busy agency environment.” Luke Thompson
“Now that we use GAIN, we don’t have to spend all of our time on content; instead, we can take more time to see the effect the content has, view reports, tweak campaigns, and work on client strategy.” Whitney Little

See How Much Your Enterprise
Can Save With GAIN

My team has members and we manage brands.

The average hourly rate per team member is dollars.

By using GAIN, your team could save

$ /mo

Based on historical internal client data.

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Enterprise Pricing Should be Simple Too.

See the complete feature list


$20 per user per month


$35 per user per month
Unlimited Social Accounts (that’s right, no limit!) check check
Unlimited Posts check check
Unlimited File, Image, and Video storage check check
Unlimited internal and external approval rounds check check
Unlimited Brands check check
Fanatical support check check
Infinite History of Changes and Approvals check
Team / Client Training check
Managed Onboarding Service check
Service Level Agreement (SLA) check
Dedicated Account Manager check
Client and Approvers Support check
Phone support check
Custom API Integrations check
Invoice Billing check
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